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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is tailored for the UK and the new Plug-and-Go iSocket with UKCA mark since 2021.
  • 5. Can I monitor temperature during power outage?

    You can request the temperature anytime when the power is presented. When the power is failed the unit will sleep. There is a small battery inside the unit so you can't monitor the temperature all the time when no power. However there will be a software update in Q1-Q2 2022 where we will add a facility to monitoring the temperature in a smart way during power outages - you will be able to configure how often the unit should wake up to probe the temperature and thresholds against which it should probe it. When it breaks thresholds you will get a notification. This way the temperature can be monitored one or two days if wake up interval is reasonable (about every hour). Probably it will be longer, we don't know - we are testing this feature and it will be release in the future with no extra fee if you already have the sensor and essential temperature option in your plan.
  • 6. How can I control a device which has a remote controller - such as an air conditioner - and change a temperature with iSocket?

    You can turn on or turn off your air conditioning system remotely with iSocket only if your appliance has a plug. Most air conditioning systems are wired directly to an electric cabinet and have a remote controller to regulate the temperature. You cannot connect the remote controller of such an appliance to iSocket, but if the equipment has a plug you can connect this plug to the iSocket, and set up your air conditioning system to the desired temperature and shut it down (turn off the power supplied through the iSocket to the plug of the appliance). You can then switch it on remotely before arrival. Please note, this option might not be recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment. You do this at your own risk.
  • 7. Can I receive an alert to my cell phone when the temperature falls or rises in my greenhouse?

    Absolutely! Alerts about temperature rise / fall is an essential feature of iSocket when use with iSocket Temperature Sensors.
  • 8. I need longer than 10 feet (3 meters) cable for the temperature sensor. Is this available? Is your temperature sensor special in some way?

    10 feet (3 meters) is the maximum length of our sensor cables. You can extend the cable using a good quality alarm cable. Remember that a longer cable raises the probability of a high voltage drop and wrong measurements. If you use it only to check the temperature and do not use it as a thermostat, then some deviation in measurements would probably not be a problem. It is very important to use quality cable and connectors, however. We check the manufacturing of our temperature sensors to ensure high standards for all their components. Despite the apparent simplicity of this component, it is the product of a series of important factors.